Self Leveling Systems

Sef Leveling systems are used where concrete is broken and slabs are uneven. Self-leveling concrete is typically used to create a flat and smooth surface with a compressive strength similar to or higher than that of traditional concrete. The typical installation thickness of these products is about 0.25 inches to ensure there is enough mass present for the material to flow, other self-leveling products can be installed at an average thickness of only 0.125 inches.

    • Perfect for Suspeneded
    • Concrete Slab Repairs
    • Can be used for underlayment or Topping
    • High Compressie Strenght
    • Corrects any surface Irregulateries

Sloping and Cove Base

Sloping Systems and Cove Base application are typically used to insure a moisture barrier in the area of use. Sloping systems are used to allow water and liquid to drain to the appropriate drainage facilites by creating a unoticable decline for water or liquids to drain.  

Cove Base application uses a mixture of high quality sand and epoxy to create a cove around interior walls to insure no moisture penetrates.

    • Allows perfect water drainages
    • High Durability
    • Excellent for Wash Bays, Washrooms, Food Plants, Garages
    • Radiul Coves and 45 Degree Coves Available