Epoxy Coatings and finishes

Epoxy floor coatings are designed to provide a protective high build shield that withstand heavy abrasive loads and chemical spillage of most kinds. Applied to new or severely eroded concrete floors at thickness ranging from 5 to 125 mils.

    • Seamless
    • Low maintenance
    • Durable, resist abrasion
    • High chemical resistant
    • Available in clear or coloured

Decorative Epoxy

Decorative Epoxy provides a colourful and rich finish to any Concrete surface. Using the same application of clear epoxy, quartz chips of different colour combinations are added creating a beautiful finish. Metallic Finishes give the epoxy a 3D effect on the concrete, this is done by changing the application method and using a special Epoxy mixture.

    • ​Durable, Chemical Reistant
    • Perfect for Garages and Display Rooms
    • Low Maintence
    • High Quality finish